MOSONiE envisions creating a smart North East India and defines SMART as (Sustainably Managed and Rejuvenated Transformation). MOSONiE Socio-Economic Foundation is established with the Vision to maximize the wholistic living of the individual and community at large.

Established for the purposes of Peoples Corporate/Shared development and Common Wealth, MOSONiE functions without regard to race, gender, nationality and political or religious affiliation. MOSONiE believes in the potentials of each individual to reflect the image of God, dignity that is inherent in every person, the importance of the quality of human life and reviving the best in the natural world for the beneficial co-existence of all Creatures. Thus MOSONiE beliefs in the Philosophy “Less of Yours and Mine but More of Ours”


Socio Economic Re-Architecturing North East India. To create a revenue generating Smart North East India and Socio Economically self sustaining region.