One of the entry point livelihood intervention activity is Kitchen Garden in which MOSONiE Socio-Economic Foundation have been working with 90 households, in promotion of Kitchen Garden to enhance their livelihood through improved nutrition and income for the poor households. The ultimate goal of which is to bring a scope where people trapped in poverty may be ushered out into sustainable economic livelihood, bringing nutrition supplement closer to family kitchen, also eventually creating an environment where parents especially the mother can be nearer home and give more time to children, where children can also be in school and not in quarries and stone crushers. With this aim, on 18th of August 2017, MOSONiE SEF organized a training programme in which the villagers were provided basic training through the support of District Horticulture, Nongpoh, Meghalaya, in continuation of the preceding year initiative in which MOSONiE have supported 90 (Ninety) beneficiaries with the support of Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Umiam, Meghalaya. This year MOSONiE selected Timbokgre village as a model village wherein the village will be promoted as an exemplary village for promoting a commercial kitchen garden in which intensive training and hand holding will be integrated in the process. MOSONiE trained 70 beneficiaries including 9 individuals from two neighbouring village.The training was held at Timbokgre village Community Hall, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya, with the initiative theme; Sustainable Livelihood through Promotion of Kitchen Gardening in Jirang and Umling Blocks Meghalaya. The resource person of the training was Kaikha, Chief Managing Director MOSONiE SEF. The training consisted of both theory and practical in the demo site.

The important topics covered were:


1.      Introduction on Kitchen Garden

2.      Importance of Kitchen Garden

3.      Benefits of Kitchen Garden

4.      Land preparation

5.      Sowing and planting


6.      Perennial plot

7.      Protection

8.      Water management

9.      Economic benefits of kitchen garden


After the theory session the participants were taken to the demo site which is adjacent to the community hall and were taught practically by the resource person. In the demo site, the trainer showed them practically on how to mix the soil and prepare the bed. There after the trainer showed them the difference between sowing and planting the vegetable seeds. After which MOSONiE SEF distributed 11 varieties of vegetable seeds to the participants. (Ladyfinger, brinjal, pumpkin, carrot, spinach, radish, beans, chilly, onion, green baby and broccoli.

The training was a successful event, where 70 beneficiaries from three villages namely, Umlathu, Timbokgre, and Jolsyiem from Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya benefited with theory and practical learning besides provision of 11 varieties of vegetable seeds. MOSONiE believe that Education and Motivation at the village level has been one of the best practice and guiding force in the deliverance of the services in elevating the living conditions of the beneficiaries. We look for visionary and tangible support in bringing stronghold in the initiative where we can contribute in creating a sustainable livelihood support to the under privileged.