MOSONiE’s Activities covers broadly the following Areas:

Chattered Village:

Creating Smart Villages by facilitating overall village development plan and activities. read more..

Non Conventional Practical Education:

Imparting practical education in Agriculture, Environment, Adventure, Health, Tourism and Mass Media with 75% practical learning and 25% theory starting right from nursery to the higher academia. Read more..

Social Entrepreneurs in North East India

Current activities:

  1. From inception, MOSONiE has been actively working in the far flung villages under Umling and Jirang Block of Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya promoting initiatives on livelihood, health and environment as entry point.
  2. Village Data Banking: Under the strategy – Chattered Village, one of the important activity is the Village Data Banking which is carried out in villages after briefing MOSONiE’s initiative and at the invitation of the village leaders, who desires to become a part of the Chattered Village initiative .
  3. MOSONiE have also been working with groups of people such as the daily wage earners, unemployed youths in villages engaging them in sustainable income generating activities.
  4. Promotion of Kitchen Garden: One of the entry point livelihood intervention activity is Kitchen Garden in which MOSONiE have been working with 90 households, in promotion of Kitchen Garden to enhance their livelihood through improved nutrition and income for the poor households, with the ultimate goal of bringing a scope where people trapped in poverty may be ushered out into sustainable economic livelihood, bringing nutrition supplement closer to family kitchen, also eventually creating an environment where parents especially the mother can nearer home and give more time to children, where children can be in school and not in quarries and stone crushers.
  5. Presently MOSONiE team is teaching children in villages who are open to new learning and who otherwise have no prospect of attending conventional education system. These children are mobilized and inducted to MOSONiE school of Non Conventional Practical Education. Presently they are learning how to read and write and eventually these students will get trained in Agriculture, Environment, Adventure, Health, Tourism and Mass Media as the major subjects.