MOSONiE upholds Nonconventional Practical Education in North East India as one of its mission’s strategy. The initiative envisions to give quality practical education to students right from the kindergarten to highest academia in advance subjects of the rich available resources of North East India which have high scope of employment and earning namely Agriculture, Environment, Adventure, Health, Tourism and Mass Media. Learning the art, science and mathematics of making the best profit from them by not destroying but by taking care of them.
The target populations are inclusive of all age groups starting from 3 years. This practical school also envisages promoting life style re-engineering studies.

The school shall facilitate Earn while Learning seeing that the end desired goal is to create opportunities for students to graduate into Social Entrepreneurs, who need not seek for job but become creator of one thus ensuring employment sustainability and also with the aim of catering to the varied needs, interests and abilities of the students. Students will also be equipped with skills involved in the study of humanity subjects and develop critical thinking, effective communication skills and interpersonal skills side by side taking up advance subjects such as Agriculture, Environment, Health, Adventure, Tourism and Mass Media. MOSONiE challenges to provide 60,000 employment opportunities through its initiative by the end of the year 2020. The education system is designed in such a way that the learners inculcate the role and responsibility in the subject and the utilization of the subject for the short and long term benefit of mankind.

Non-Conventional Practical Education will not promote present board exams as the system promote marks as a reflection of students’ achievement which often is theory and not practical in life. However NCPE will promote qualification by taking into account how much is the student capable of making good and sustainable profit from learning the subject/s practically – i.e., 25% theory + 75% practical learning. NCPE is to promote home breed skill workers for MOSONiE’s pure business need in Agri-Eco-Adventure-Health-Tourism-Mass Media for Smart North East India. NCPE is a system of earning while learning, which is to inculcate in the student/youth, the direct impact of hardwork, honesty and hospitality on one’s life. The students will be graduated and engaged in MOSONiE’s chain of work stations within North East Region or they will also be given the opportunity of starting their own enterprises with the money earned during their course therefore each students will have their own saving bank account once they are enrolled into the institute.

NCPE intends to impart the importance of relentless pursuit of professionalism in one’s career to achieve great success in life through increasing access to quality yet affordable education and skill training for youth, to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the students of the day and the coming generations. NCPE is an alternative education which every child can pursue without wasting time on theory but learn practically early on in life, in hobby form of learning environment. Children are given avenue that they learn at their own pace to meet the need of special children or individuals. NCPE believe all youth in NEI can become active contributor for making Smart North East India a strong and happier place.