Pushing forward the theme of the year, ‘Connecting people to nature’, MOSONiE Socio-Economic Foundation celebrated World Environment Day in different parts of the villages under Umling and Jirang block, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya. In commemoration of the special event, MOSONiE team also conducted a cleaning drive in villages namely; Pillangkata, Jolsyiem, Umlathu, Upper Jorbill and Timbokgre, carrying forward the message- importance of saving and protecting the Earth and Nature around us.

Coordinated by two members each, MOSONiE Team also checked on the fruit trees which were distributed and planted in the last World Environment Day, 2016.  In total 800 fruit trees were planted in five villages and in pursuance of the initiative, the team along with the villagers checked on the growth of fruit trees, which was found to be growing so well though some of it died.

The students of MOSONiE NCPE also took part in the event where they were made to observe the nature by taking a transact walk in and around Timbokgre village. The main idea behind this exercise was to instill in them the sense and importance of protecting the nature around them and how one should cherish the relationship with nature.